UNICERT, in its day-to-day activities and its advice to clients, is endeavoring to take full account of its environmental impact and aims to continuously improve our environmental performance, prevent pollution and sustain our flora, fauna and biodiversity.

UNICERT of trading name of united certification services is incorporated in many region in the world to operate Third Party Certification & Inspection Body specializing in the assessment, inspection, training and certification in the fields of quality, environmental, health & safety, security and food safety management systems.

Such standards are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO 30000, ISO 37001, ISO 22000.

UNICERT have invested time and money into designing a software management system that is web based, so as to reduce our environmental impact and ecological footprint where ever we operate around the globe.

We aim to become a market leader in the supply of such e-services by using sound environmental principles and philosophies.

In doing so we have targeted the following as our effort to preserve the environment and its resources for future generations.

UNICERT are also planning as a Notified Body for the Lifts & Machinery Directives

  • Reduction of the number of visits to clients by road for on-going conformity assessment (however, this does not reduce the time spent per annum). Use public transport services wherever this is possible, dependent upon client location.
  • Where vehicles are required for client visits ensure that our planning system is as effective as possible as to reduce unnecessary trips. We will endeavor to use vehicles with low fuel consumption and emission levels.
  • Reduction on the number of air flights by regionalization of our office international network.
  • Ensure that all quotations, communications, invoices and all services are delivered by e-methods or available on line so as not to use paper, ink cartridges and reduce the electricity consumption.
  • Re-use redundant equipment such as computers and screens, or supply them to schools to support the education system as part of our environmental stewardship and social responsibility.
  • We refrain from the use of environmentally hazardous chemicals for cleaning purposes in all our offices.
  • We utilise energy efficient electrical appliances in our office premises wherever possible to reduce the depletion of natural resources.
  • Integrating environmental objectives into our client interfaces and communications.
  • Ensuring that any subcontractor auditors, inspectors, trainers, experts that we contract embrace and comply with our environmental policies and conditions.
  • Ensuring that the environmental policy is available to the public via our web site, including interested parties and communicated to all our staff to ensure they understand and comply with it.
  • Ensuring that we comply with all legal and regulatory environmental requirements