This policy aims to ensure that auditors and staff do not receive less favorable treatment on the grounds of sex, religion, marital status, disability, age, race, and color, and nationality, ethnic or national origins or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements, which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

UNICERT is an Equal Opportunities Employer. This policy continues not only in the recruitment process, but throughout our staff and auditors period of employment with UNICERT, ensuring all employees are offered equal opportunities for recruitment, training and promotion. This is realized via adopting the following approaches:

  • All management staff involved in recruitment and discrimination will neither be practiced nor tolerated.
  • Audit teams comprising of our Lead Auditors and auditors are to ensure that there is no bias based on gender, race and cultural differences during the delegation of their responsibilities and audit tasks.
  • The Authorized of UNICERT is pledged to investigate all reports cases of demographic bias reported by auditors during their line of duty.
  • We will carefully plan our approach to recruitment and staff promotions, using structured systems, which match written criteria to a candidate‘s merits and personal qualities.
  • Consideration is given to making any reasonable adjustments to the workplace if necessary, in order to accommodate staff and auditors needs.
  • All staff and auditors have a legal and moral obligation not to conduct themselves in a discriminatory and prejudicial manner, and to report any instances of such. Staff will be subjected to disciplinary or legal proceedings in the event they are found to have behaved in contradiction to this.
  • We ensure that the safety, health and welfare of our staffs and auditors are adequately met and endeavors taken proactively and reactively in averting physical abuse, threats of physical abuse, unusual punishments or discipline, sexual and other harassment, and intimidation.
  • UNICERT is committed to comply with the laws of the countries where it does business, including those relating to wages and benefits, working hours and legal requirements for employment contracts.
  • The Authorized Director of UNICERT recognizes the equal rights of all employees and will facilitate a free and conducive bargaining for all employees in a just and equal manner without discrimination and the risk of being procrastinated and ridiculed.