ISO 22000:2018

Food Safety Management System

Ensuring Safety in the Food Chain

Consumers want to be assured that the food that reaches them is safe for consumption. With this growing concern, many safety mechanisms have been developed to ensure safe food. Consumers are now increasingly more aware of the ingredients they consume. With the proliferation of health concerns, the food chain has come under close scrutiny. A management system needs to be in place in the overall food chain that can ensure food safety for consumers.

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is an international standard that defines a Food Safety Management System. It can be applied to any organization in the food chain right from the farm to fork. The current version, ISO 22000:2018, is a truly global standard that allows for the merging of multiple principals, methodologies and applications which makes it easier to understand, apply and recognize. It can be used by all organizations in the supply chain, from farming to food services, to processing, transportation and storage, to packaging and retail.

What are the key benefits of ISO 22000?

  • Reduction in food safety incidents and cost
  • Fewer errors and customer complaints
  • Continual improvement in products & processes
  • Resource optimization internally & along the food chain
  • Competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Promotion of global trade
  • Providing potential for harmonization of national standards
  • Covers the majority of the requirements of the current retailer food safety standards
  • Can be integrated with other management systems such as ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • Enables communication about hazards with partners in the supply chain
  • Better planning – less post process verification
  • A systematic and proactive approach to identification of food safety hazards and development and implementation of control measures
  • Sustainable food safety performance
  • Improved overall performance

The importance of implementing ISO 22000:

In order to meet the rising consumer demand on food safety issues, it is important to have a food safety management system implemented in the overall food chain. ISO 22000 is an international standard that can cater to this growing need in the economy today and help ensure food safety for consumers.